Cross Promotion Platform KrossPro woos SMEs looking for Cost-effective Social Marketing


Emart Eventures in its attempt to offer 360 Degree Marketing Solutions offers a Cross Promotion Tool KrossPro. The Online Platform connects Entrepreneurs and  Professionals from the same field and leads them to pursue common goals irrespective of the nature of their individual businesses. While each Member can promote his/her brand, products and services in their own way, style and pace, the platform KrossPro offers them a unique strategy to enhance their brand reach and sales through a unified marketing outreach. This lets these brands and businesses create a great splash in terms of branding impact and achieve astonishing results and grab opportunities in terms of sales and marketing without having to spend huge amount of money and resources for the same.


KrossPro offers the Members a plethora of unique benefits and performs in a number of ways that bring down their marketing and advertising expenditure and at the same time, multiplies their brand reach to niche audiences and evokes huge responses to their Call-outs and Call-To-Actions (CTAs).


About KrossPro


Here is how the KrossPro system works. Each Member will become part of a Marketing Group that best fits his/her Business Category with his/her Membership unique to his/her Sub-category. Suppose a Member's Sub-category is Modular Kitchen and he/she is joining an Interiors Group, he/she will be the only Member under the Sub-category 'Modular Kitchen' within the specific Interiors Group which will have its own Group Name, say, for example 'Fine Finishers'. Each Member can have his/her individual profile with his/her own identities and details such as photo, logo, brand name, description, website, email, address, contact numbers, and the like. Each Member can contact other Members of his/her Group with Direct and Common Messages. Each Member can post or publish his/her own articles for both Group and general public's viewing.


KrossPro's Marketing Advantages


  • The Business Networking feature allows each Member to ask and share Leads & References among the Group Members.

  • The Group's Joint Website will be promoted by KrossPro through Digital Marketing to Niche Audiences which are common to the Group Members. The promotional cost will be shared by all the Group Members and it will be just peanuts when shared by 50 or 100 Members.

  • As each Member within a Group is from a Cross Sub-category, each Member will be more be more than happy and willing to share each other's posts through their individual KrossPro and Social Media pages which gives your posts a viral reach.

  • Joint promotion will be made by KrossPro to boost Special Offers through specific campaigns and additional efforts to help the Members achieve their seasonal, festival and periodic goals and objectives.

  • KrossPro provides  each Member bountiful opportunities to tie up with his/her Group Members to create unique Packages and Offers and promote them jointly.

  • KrossPro also conducts Marketing Events where in a fun and excitement.


KrossPro is an ideal platform for all types of business entities and professionals including Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Executives, Businesses, Homepreneurs and Freelancers to improve their networks, increase their brand reach, generate quality leads, and achieve their sales and marketing targets with minimalistic advertising expenditure and efforts. KrossPro offers Membership on Subscription mode with the privilege of Unique Membership within each Group on First-Come-First-Served basis.


About Company


EMART EVENTURES is based out of Coimbatore, India and offers a host of Online & Offline Marketing services and solutions that include Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Market Strategy Consulting, Marketing Outsourcing and Corporate Gifting Solutions. The company owns various portals and platforms such as Infogyde - Coimbatore Search Engine, Bizgyde - Tamil Nadu Business Directory, Indiagyde - Pan-India Business Directory, Worldgyde - Global Directory, CouponBowl - Coupon Directory, Produx - Ecommerce Website, BrandingWall - Brand Updates & Flash Sales Promotion Platform, KrossPro - Cross Promotion & Business Networking Platform. The company’s flagship website is


You can join KrossPro or contact EMART EVENTURES through Email: and Mobile/WhatsApp: +91-9042012011.