Emart's KrossPro braces for Huge Membership Upsurge

If there is something you have to know about the difference between Social Marketing and Social Media Marketing, the answer lies in KrossPro. Emart Eventures' KrossPro is a tool or platform that helps businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their business goals and objectives through Business Networking and thereby getting Leads and References within a niche category. KrossPro puts its Subscribed Members under a unique Sub-category within a Broad Category-specific Group. For example, if a Group's Broad Category is Home Decor, the Group may have Members from its various Sub-categories such as Home Furniture, Window Dressing, Wallpapers, etc.


KrossPro offers the Members a means to communicate with their Group Members individually and in Group's private page and allows them to share their Leads and References with each other within their own Niche yet Broad Category, say Home Decor. Apart from sharing Leads and References, they can also share industry relevant ideas, strategy, tips, market updates, and such things that may be of strategic value, and great and timely use for the Group Members. The Members can also propose product and marketing tie-ups with the Group Members apart from the Joint Promotions organized and implemented by KrossPro itself.


Social Marketing vs Social Media Marketing


  • While Social Marketing is about Business Networking, Social Media Marketing is about using Social Media platforms for marketing.

  • Social Marketing is people-centric irrespective of the process and platforms used. Social Marketing Marketing is about using specific Social Media platform or platforms for the promotion.

  • In Social Marketing, it is the Members who share the Leads and References. In Social Media Marketing, it is the technology, automation or platform that generates Leads.


More Features of KrossPro


  • You can communicate with Members of other Groups and promote your brand visibility, trust and reputation.

  • The cost of your promotion is vastly reduced by Joint Digital Marketing Promotions organized by KrossPro for each and every Group.

  • Your Brand will get extensive exposure, visibility and recognition through various contests and events as part of your Membership in KrossPro.

  • As the name suggests, KrossPro helps your business get invaluable Cross Promotion by other Members of your Group which will result in incalculable branding benefits and sales.

  • The Joint Promotion of your Group Website by KrossPro through All-out and Multi-channel Marketing gives you various advantages such as Shared Marketing Costs, Collective Marketing Wisdom, Niche Audience Targeting, High Industry Recognition, Improving Market Trust and Increasing Brand Reputation.


About Company


EMART EVENTURES is based out of Coimbatore, India and is a Marketing firm. The company offers a wide variety of Strategic Online & Offline Marketing  Solutions that include Content Writing, Digital Marketing, Market Strategy Consulting, Marketing Outsourcing and Corporate Gifting Solutions. The directories, portals and platforms such as Infogyde - Coimbatore Search Engine, Bizgyde - Tamil Nadu Business Directory, Indiagyde - Pan-India Business Directory, Worldgyde - Global Directory, CouponBowl - Coupon Directory, Produx - Ecommerce Website, BrandingWall - Brand Updates & Flash Sales Promotion Platform, KrossPro - Cross Promotion & Business Networking Platform are promoted by Emart Eventures basides its flagship website www.emarteventures.com.

You can check more about KrossPro for subscription or details, or contact EMART EVENTURES through Email: emarteventures@gmail.com and Mobile/WhatsApp: +91-9042012011.